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Post by tekkengeek on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:54 pm

Real name: Jansen Ian Sanchez
Nick name: Ian
Bandmaster IGN: eLYbUenDia94
Age: 16
B-day: Oct 16, 1994
Marital Status: single
Gender: Male
Height: 5 '6"
Weight: 65 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Skin color: maputi dati na nasunog ngaun ng araw
Address: calauan, Laguna
Schools: Col. Lauro D. Dizon Memorial national HS.
How many siblings do you have?: 2
Are you the youngest/eldest?: Youngest
What is/are your pets?: Dog
How many pets do you have?: 1
What is your pet's name?: Ringgo

Know me better
*These are optional. You may or may not fill these up.^^,
Yahoo Messenger:
Friendster: eraserheads94@aol.com
Facebook: abadon_frost_mourne@yahoo.com

Who is your first kiss? none
Still a Virgin? medyo
Who is your close friend here in E-games? Quarantine Family ^_^
Who is/are your crush?
1: clasmate ko
2: ung teacher ko
3: <slot available>
Message to your crush: crush lng kita di kta luv
Who is your Boyfriend/Girlfriend? wala ngaun
How long have you been together?
Message to your BF/GF:

Color: violet
Foods: kahet anu bsta walang okra
Cellphone unit: samsung
Cellnumber: 09391930570
Food Flavor: huh?? chocolate?
Number: 16
Sports: badminton, american football
Tambayan: bahay at comshop
TV Shows: mga nakatutuwang bagay
Music: maka eraserheads
Hobbies: Playing BM, playing guiatr, soundtrip,
Anime/Manga: hajime no ippo, eyeshield 21, One Piece, slam dunk

About you in Bandmaster
Type of Gamer: on and off player
How long do you play? malay ko?? nung ayaw p mag pa taas ng rank kahit lvl7 na
Where do you play: Cafe/Home? Cafe
How did you know Bandmaster PH? dun sa comshop, ngkayayaan lng
Why do you love/hate Bandmaster PH? Love ko kasi it's all about music & friendships! and i can be a band member khet di nagalaw sa silya

Being Unique
Are you a rocker, emo, kikay, boyish, gay, etc..? mhilig magpatawa
What is the weirdest thing about you? kya kong tumulay sa miswa.. jowk ewan di ko pa ndidiscover eh

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